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Facebook’s New Dynamic Tailored Ads

We currently live in this world of advertising that has increased to such an extent that the consumers are slowly becoming immune. This is why the average rate for a banner ad is about 0.1%. So how one does beats such ads? It's not through making more ads but by making a few better ones. These ads also have to be targeted and a lot more relevant. The best way for doing so is through Facebook’s New Dynamic Tailored ads.

Here we have a detailed guide for you that makes sure that you go through a step by step procedure for the first Dynamic Product Ad Campaign.

Here are some of the main features that can be on the wishlist:
  • The personalized ad that has relevance for each prospect and the customer.
  • They are easy to set up and have low maintenance.
  • This can work across a huge range of Instagram, Facebook and also the audience Network placement.
  • This is very effective, generates good ROI.

Now, this is where Dynamic Product Ads come into play.

What exactly are FaceBook’s New Dynamic Tailored Ads?

The new Dynamic Tailored Ads on Facebook does seem similar to different ads on another social network. However, here an ad template is created instead of making ads for every product. This template then automatically makes use of details and images from the data and feeds things that need to be advertised.

The Dynamic ads also use the SDK or Facebook pixel for showing the ads to people that have shown interest in your specific product and services and will take action accordingly.

How does this work?

You might have seen a lot of these ads on the Facebook feeds, but for a recap here is an example: You might have scrolled a product on eBay and there are millions of things that have been listed on the website. But the FaceBook’s New Dynamic Tailored Ad will show the specific product that a person has viewed recently.

Here are some important steps that you must take:
  • Installation of a Facebook pixel on the website or making use of Facebook SDK for the smartphone application:
    For starters, the pixel events needed for DPA includes:
    • View content
    • Adding to Cart
    • Purchase option:
  • Creation of the Product Catalog:

    The catalog for your store has to be linked with Facebook so that its plugged with ads.

  • Segmentation of the products or services in product sets:

    You have to create product sets that are carefully made for wider audience targets.

  • Decide the kind of audience that you need to use:

    While making the selection for the right audience you mainly have the following option:

    • Broad Audience
    • The view content but no purchase
    • Upsell
    • Cross-sell

  • Creation of the Ad:

    This is one of the easiest parts as a lot of the detail is collected from the product catalog.

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