2020 YouTube Marketing

One of the things that social media marketers tend to overlook is YouTube Marketing. A lot of digital marketers see it as a network for social media and others as a video platform. For having a great strategy for YouTube, one has to leverage anything new and old. The new updates, trends, and features of a platform and the social media marketing get impacted with all of it.

2020 YouTube Marketing Strategy to follow:

1. Building the Brand channel on YouTube:

This website has to work as an effective strategy for telling your brand story to people across the world. From channel description to channel icons, anything there has to be speaking your brand voice. You can use your business logo as the channel icon. Then one can make use of a custom YouTube banner also. This will lead the audience towards your social media handle across all of the platforms.

2. Why “About” section is important?

Well, you have to add a small description here of your business. This description is so important and shouldn't be used wisely. It introduces all of the visitors to your business story and reflects its voice. You can also provide a call for action that can lead the viewers to other website pages.

Also, make sure that you are dividing the videos into playlists. Each of them can have unique brand names and makes it easier for the viewers to find what they had been searching for. Depending on the video content you have, categorize into behind the scene, webinars, etc.

3. Keep Adding Compelling Videos on The Channel Consistently:

You need to focus on making videos that will make your audience talk. And the video has to portray the brand story well. If you are a B2B business, then these videos can be complementing the website content or blog. Get the customers to offer you instant brand reviews.

You can also ask them for sharing their experiences on the brand so that the marketing strategy can be taken to another level. You can also make another Vlog channel that shows the brand story but also interacts with the audience at regular intervals.

Another good idea is to include industry professionals, experts, and seniors related to your business. This video content that's informative as well gains high popularity amongst the viewers. You can also add videos that work as a step by step guide for using the service and products that you are offering.

4. Leverage YouTube Features and Tools:

One can enhance the marketing strategy through varied tools that YouTube has. One can make use of cards and screens for adding the wanted call to action as well. If you share a product assembly video you can also lead the viewers to other similar videos from the playlist you made earlier. Add transcripts and closed captions to your video content.


A great YouTube Marketing strategy in 2020, needs to make maximum use of the features and tools that the platform provides. This can be used for building better engagement and also helps you to keep a closer look at the industry competitors you have.

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