How to use YouTube for Business Marketing

Often social media marketers overlook YouTube marketing as people think YouTube counts as a social media network, and some take it as more of an online video platform. No matter what one thinks, one thing is for sure that there are a plethora of marketing opportunities on YouTube.

Effective YouTube marketing is easier said than done as at least 500 hours of video is uploaded every minute. Above all, one thing is for sure that YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for social media.

Tips for using Youtube for business marketing:

  • Create a YouTube channel for business- one can start by opening a Brand Account on Google, and they create a YouTube channel with their regular Google account, but if they do, they can also access it.

    Additionally, the report will be under their name, and depending on their settings, one can connect viewers to their email address. If one has a Brand Account, then various authorized users can log in simultaneously.

  • Learn about the target audience- one needs to learn about YouTube demographics if they are starting on YouTube, and it includes quantitative data. With a YouTube channel for business, one can have access to an Analytics tab.

    One can visit the Community tab if there is something specific they would like to know. This is an excellent place to post a question or create a poll. One can compare their YouTube audience with other social audiences and learn about the content their audiences can connect with.

  • Research your competition- YouTube is a competitive space just like any other platform, and by conducting an audit of competitors, one can see how their channel measures up and identify opportunities. If one isn't sure, then they can try Google Ads’ free Keyword Planner to see which companies rank for keywords associated with their brand or can also conduct a SWOT analysis.
  • Learn about the favorite channels- One can scroll their subscriptions and YouTube history and take note of the techniques and formats that hold your attention. Consider looking at YouTube's trending videos, and if these videos have nothing to do with one’s businesses and there is a lot one can learn from them.
  • Optimize the videos to get views- Just like Google, Youtube is also a video search engine where results tend to be ranked by titles, keywords, descriptions, and other elements.

    One can also consider giving a solid title as they can choose to check what words people use to find their channel in Traffic Sources in YouTube Analytics.

  • Upload and schedule videos- It is time to prepare them for publication if one has created and optimized their videos. If there is a day or hour that tends to have a high amount of viewership and engagement, one can check their channel analytics.

Hence, one works with an influencer to showcase their brand and reach a wider audience. Allow the influencer to do the talking when it comes to these partnerships.

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