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Instagram is a social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Individuals use the platform to share their regular activities. On the other hand, businesses can also use the platform to interact with followers and potential buyers. Besides Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms nowadays. As a result, small and large enterprises use this platform to reach more people.

So, how can Instagram help with your business growth? Firstly, Instagram helps in growing brand exposure. Secondly, Instagram can fetch you leads that convert into buyers. Lastly, Instagram allows businesses to interact with customers or clients and obtain feedback. Instagram marketing has become an integral part of the digital marketing campaign of every business nowadays.

In the following section, you will find a discussion on the top practices to boost a business through various Instagram marketing strategies.

1. Develop Strategies Depending on Your Business Needs

So, why are you using Instagram for business marketing? Different businesses have different goals through Instagram marketing. While some businesses search for potential business leads, others want to build brand value through this social media platform.

You need to develop Instagram marketing strategies according to your requirements. In most cases, companies have the following Instagram marketing goals:

  • Building a community
  • Enhance brand exposure
  • Interact with clients or customers
  • Sell products or services

A business can prepare Instagram marketing strategies with any of the goals above. Nevertheless, a business can have more than one of these goals.

2. Start with the Profile Optimization

You need to optimize your Instagram profile if you want to use it for business promotional campaigns. So, how can you optimize the profile of your company on Instagram? Find a step-by-step guide in this regard in the following section.

  • Profile Picture: You must add a profile picture that reflects your business name or emblem. A business profile should have a good profile photo.
  • Description or Bio: The profile should have a rich description reflecting the business's activity.
  • Business Category: When you create a business profile on Instagram, you must choose the business category carefully.
  • Business Details: The profile should include essential business details such as an address, phone number, website, and many more.

If your profile is not optimized yet, you should optimize it to add strength to the business marketing campaign.

3. Creativity in Content Creation

For Instagram marketing, you need to master the skill of creating engaging content. However, creating content is not an easy thing for everyone. Therefore, businesses may need professional services offering visually engaging content.

While creating content for Instagram, businesses should keep two crucial things in mind. Firstly, relevance is the most crucial thing, and the content featured on your Instagram profile should be relevant to your business. Secondly, the content must be informative, as quality information grabs audiences' attention easily.

Instagram is not the platform for sharing text content, as people mostly search for creative photos and videos on this platform. Therefore, businesses must focus on sharing images, posters, etc. Additionally, video advertisements on Instagram can draw many eyeballs. Short and exciting Instagram videos can bring excellent business benefits.

4. Understand the Benefits of Trending Topics

You need to establish a relationship between your business and a trending topic. Developing business content while keeping the social media trends in mind will help your Instagram profile to find more followers. While displaying content developed on a trending topic, you should use the relevant hashtags to reach more people on Instagram.

Developing and systematically sharing the right content will benefit your business immensely. Your business will develop an excellent brand identity through a meticulous approach to business marketing through Instagram.

5. Do You Use Instagram Stories?

Instagram comes with many unique features, and marketers should know those features to diversify their approaches to Instagram business marketing. For example, many businesses do not use Instagram stories. A post shared as an Instagram story can attract more attention than a post shared on an Instagram profile.

Since stories can be more engaging, a business can convert leads into buyers using Instagram stories. On the other hand, you can use stories to promote a date for a business event or workshop. Instagram offers various options to make the stories interactive for the viewers.

6. Reels and IGTV

Even a few years ago, business marketing experts used to focus on creating image content for Instagram marketing. But, the situation has changed quickly, and business marketers have realized that short videos are more attention-grabbing than images.

You can create videos and share them on Instagram in two ways. Firstly, you can share your videos on IGTV, a free video-sharing platform. You can post both long and short videos on Instagram's IGTV. However, Instagram Reels is the best place for sharing short videos.

Short videos shared on Instagram Reels can become popular quickly. The video will reach relevant audiences if you use the right hashtags and captions. As a result, your business will get more followers and buyers.

7. Invest in Instagram Ads

You can promote Instagram posts through Instagram Ads. Instagram Ads are similar to Facebook Ads, though Instagram Ads have some unique benefits. Firstly, it is cheaper than a Facebook paid campaign. Secondly, you can promote both images and videos using Instagram Ads.

Using Instagram ads will help your business build brand value quickly. Moreover, the paid campaign will help you reach people who may be interested in the products you sell. Instagram has a strong algorithm to judge people's likeness through their activities on the platform. As a result, Instagram Ads can fetch you high-quality leads, which can easily be converted into buyers.


So, these are the most standard practices for running a successful and result-oriented Instagram marketing campaign. Instagram has emerged as an excellent platform for running a business marketing campaign. However, you need an expert to explore the salient benefits of this social media platform for your business. Visit Telcopl and meet a team of Instagram experts who effectively manage your business campaign.

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