Know More about World Heart Day 2020

Every year on 29th September, the world heart day is observed and celebrated. This year the theme for World Heart day was Use Heart To Beat Cardiovascular Disease. So, under this guide, we shall focus on heart failure, and why are youngsters are prone to higher risk?  

Ideally, world heart day is used as an opportunity to create some awareness about various conditions that are most likely to affect your heart. On the occasion of world heart day, many doctors have focused on the leading cause of mortality and also on the repeated hospitalization amid the various cardiovascular disease. 

Over the past few years, India has noticed a significant increase in the prevalence of heart failure amongst people who belong to the age group of 45 to 50 years. Time again, medical experts have emphasized how heart failure not only affects the productive years but also enhances the burdens with regard to socio-economic things on patients.  

All you need to know about heart failure:

It has been seen that heart failure has been on a constant rise in the past few years. Ideally, heart failure is both a progressive and chronic condition under which the muscles of the heart become stiff over time, and the heart fails to circulate the blood properly. Thus, it limits the amount of oxygen and nutrients distributed to the essential organs of the body.

Some of the crucial reasons behind the increasing incidences in youth:

From rising stress levels and higher consumption of salt, sugar, fat in the diet, Sedentary lifestyle to increased exposure to air pollution, all these factors tend to enhance the risk of heart diseases. As per a recent study, the mean age of heart failure patients in the country is 59 years, which is ideally ten years younger as compared to patients from western countries. Almost all of the patients get diagnosed suddenly when they are hospitalized for the first time. It clearly reflects the lack of awareness and ignorance about the heart failure symptoms.

Some of the tips for heart failure patients to stay healthy:
  • Minimize the salt intake:
    The sodium leads to water retention in the body, which is most likely to worsen the fluid build-up linked with heart failure. Thus it is essential to reduce the salt intake to manage the symptoms of heart failure. The heart struggles more to pump correctly as there are more fluids in the body.
  • Avoid smoking and taking alcohol:
    It is well-known fact alcohol and smoking can severely damage the heart. As per a recent survey, it was concluded that a majority of the heart ailments are connected similarly. Thus, alcohol assumption also leads to high blood pressure. Hence,  patients suffering from heart failure are ideally advised to stop smoking and alcohol consumption. 
  • Practice moderate exercising and walking:
    In the hustle-bustle of our busy life, along with a sedentary lifestyle, we find it challenging to do 20 to 30 minutes of physical exercise as a part of your daily routine. The heart muscles are known to be strengthened by practicing brisk walking or running. It also helps in regulating the blood flow.
    Besides keeping your body weight in check, minimal exercises help in regulating the blood flow. But before initiating any other form of exercise, heart failure patients must consult their health professional.