Lockdown due to Coronavirus:

It is nothing surprising to know that covid19 disease has been spreading around the world rapidly. In various countries, an extensive research has been conducted to curb the widespread of the Novel Coronavirus. In the prevailing situation is it is vital for every one of us to take all the best possible measures to prevent the infection.

Despite the number of lockdowns, the number of covid19 infected cases is increasing day by day. But this can indeed be avoided if each one of us takes a pledge to be together and fight the pandemic.

Some of the things you must do to prevent the widespread of the deadly disease:

Hygiene is a must:

Experts from all over the globe are emphasizing this point as it has been said that Coronavirus can be killed with soap and water. So frequently, you should wash your hands for at least 10 seconds. For instance, you must wash your hands before eating meals, after touching any new surface, etc.

Practice social distancing:

Experts have been emphasizing social distancing for quite a long time as it has been proved that it helps in curbing the virus. It is mandatory to maintain a distance of at least 3 to 6 feet between yourself and other individuals. It would be best if you always practiced social space whenever you plan to step out of the house.

If medical symptoms occur, you should seek medical help:

If at all you feel that you have some symptoms of covid19, including runny nose, fever, sore throat, etc. then you should visit the doctor. It helps you in getting the right treatment at the right time.

Eat a healthy diet:

When you are confined to your homes, then you might start eating unhealthy food items, but it is mainly due to boredom. You can surely cook something delicious and eat. Additionally, you need to ensure that you include vitamins, proteins, etc. in your diet. It will help in boosting your health.

Some of the things you should not do to prevent the widespread of the deadly disease:

Don’t assume that you are immune to Covid19:

The majority of the regions of the country have become the hotspot of the Coronavirus. From every corner of the country, new cases are emerging every day. Under such a situation, you shouldn't assume that the virus won't attack you. Thus it would be best if you took all the preventive measures that will help you in preventing the disease.

Avoid eating outside food:

There is no connection between eating outside food and the covid19 virus. Thus it is not wise to indulge in it. It will surely take a toll on your health if at all you fall sick. And of course, you cannot afford to lose sick in the covid19 times.

Don’t touch your face frequently:

The main entry points of the deadly virus include eyes, nose, and mouth. The virus may enter your body if you touch your face with possible decontamination. Thus, you should avoid touching your face without thoroughly washing your hands. It would be best if you always used sanitizer whenever you go out.

Don’t ignore disinfection of the house:

On a regular basis, you should ensure that your living space is disinfected. You should also wipe various surfaces with a wipe, or a mop dipped in a disinfecting solution. It would be best if you also used sanitizers.

Don’t step without a face cover:

Almost all governments have been urging people to cover their faces if they need to go step out. A face cover shouldn't always be medical as you can create a mask at home using a handkerchief or a cloth. The best part about face cover is that it will help in minimizing the chances of transmission. 

Avoid touching free surfaces in public areas:

You should avoid touching surfaces, including the railing of a staircase, elevator buttons, fruits or vegetables at the vendor’s stall, the counter of a shop, etc. especially with your bare hands. It is mainly because they will be in contact with such surfaces, and they could get contaminated. 

Thus the only way to stay protected during the covid19 pandemic is by adhering to all the guidelines issued by the government.