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Organic Impression on Facebook

Facebook pages will be soon seeing the organic impressions going down because of how the impressions are being calculated. This was the news that had broke on Twitter and it was said that the changes will be between 17 to 28 October.

What will be the changes in Organic Impression on Facebook?

Facebook is going to specifically change the way in which the repeat organic impressions are usually calculated. The change will be affecting the time during which the organic impression from a similar person is being calculated.

Pages might also see lower organic impressions because they are not counted much frequently. Although, as per Facebook the estimated can’t be provided. They have just said that the organic impressions will be counted depending on numerous factors. Facebook also shows that the update won't be changing anything that is related to distribution and a lot of other metrics and this includes reach.

Why are the changes in Organic Impressions being made?

The changes are being made for bringing the calculation of the impressions more synchronized in the manner that the paid impression is calculated. This updating will be making it way easier for making an accurate comparison that happens between paid and organic impressions.

Understanding Organic Facebook Impressions:

Now let us face it, Facebook is one of the powerful marketing means that is constantly on a rise for being stronger. On the other side, as numerous businesses are getting involved with the promotion of the brand the challenge for being seen by the targeted audience does get difficult.

Calculation of Organic Facebook Impressions:

Very similar to Facebook Reach, the organic impressions are made of three important components that one must focus on.

  • Organic Impression:

    The number of times the Facebook content is shown in the newsfeed of the fans or the official page that had been made.

  • Paid Impressions:

    The number of times the paid content which is also called the sponsored ad had been shown to the target audience.

  • Viral Impressions:

    The frequency the content had been shown to the fans and friends of yours.

Confusion between Facebook Organic impression and Facebook Reach:

One of the major reasons for the confusion of Facebook Reach and the organic impression is that both of them are working similarly for sharing similar components. While the analysis of metrics takes place one must keep a major difference between the two in mind. And that is the frequency your content had been displayed on the user newsfeed as an impression. Then reach is specific users that had seen the content.

For example, if about 20 people see the post three times, this will be equal to 20 reach and 60 organic impressions.


For finding a successful Facebook marketing one needs to be aware of how the users are taking in the content. Facebook Organic impression is the metric that allows you for understanding how often the users see content that you have posted on the official page.

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