5 Essential Elements for Perfectly Optimized Content

Optimizing the contents of your website is no rocket science; all you need to do is to adopt the best practices of content optimization. This article here will cover a few of the most important features for optimizing any content. The five essential elements for a perfectly optimized content are as follows:

1. Content:

The first and foremost importance should be given to the content of any website for the optimization. While preparing the website for your business one should always keep the essential information from the customer. How much content you have loaded on a webpage of your website is also very important and about 500 words is a good average. We should interestingly write the content and avoid being repetitive.

2. Keyword Research:

Keywords are those words or terms that any user types into the search bar of a search engine like Google, Binge, etc. to find a relevant website. Therefore it is really important to have the relevant keywords in your content so that your webpage is found in the search engine results. A good keyword is one that is continuously being searched on Google and is also relevant to your business. The use of keywords in the title and the content of the webpage make your website’s chances high to be found in Search Engine Results Pages.

To fit in the correct keywords in your content is a difficult and tricky challenge. There are some free as well as paid services available to find the correct keywords for your content. Google’s keyword planner and SEMRush are some of the most popular tools for this. These tools help find the keywords being searched by the users.

3. Optimize Page’s Meta Title and Meta Description:

The title which is displayed in the Search Engine Results Pages is called Meta Title. The maximum numbers of characters that can be displayed in Search Engine Results Pages are limited to 55 only. Therefore a good meta title must have 2-3 main keywords in it and they should be so, that they can properly define the business and can motivate the users to click on your website.

The search engine result pages also show the description beneath the meta title, it is called a meta description and is limited up to 150 characters. This meta description can also have 3 keywords of your content. The meta description should be such that it clearly describes your business and motivate users to click on the link.

4. Backlinks:

A backlink can be viewed as third party people promoting your business. This can be done by creating some seriously good content and/or publishing some interesting news or articles on your webpage. By this, you will be able to attract others to take a note of you. You may also contact some websites or bloggers who write about your business area.

5. Social media:

In today's world, social media is by far the most popular and easiest way to connect with your customers and give them the updates of your business. It can be really helpful in promoting your products and services. You can post some interesting content about your business in the form of images and videos.


By optimizing the contents of your webpage you can increase the organic reach of it and create a brand name. The above five points can help writers and agencies to create SEO optimized content.

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