How to Increase Brand Visibility through 2D Animation Videos

Visual content is an industry that’s growing at a fast pace than before. Earlier this used to be restricted to specific online platforms but as we see the marketing strategies changing there is higher usage of 2D Animation videos. It can be a powerful tool for explaining the services or products that your brand provides and enhances the brand value further. Moreover, it can include snappy animations, eye-catching visuals, and narrative audios. This engages viewers and can compel them for taking action. Here is all that you need to know for increasing brand visibility with the effective usage of 2D animation videos.

Increasing Brand Visibility through 2D Animation Videos:

When the companies 2D animated has been created there are several ways for putting it across people for making sure it has an impact and is efficient. One can begin with its website, social media, or some of the other channels for advertising. Here is how you can do it:

1. Social Media:

A lot of successful business already has social media account that's pretty active. People do love spending time over social media platforms and this also tends to become its second nature for the newer generation that we have. So make sure that you share the 2D videos on such channels and you will be blessed with enhanced brand visibility.

2. The Brand Website:

You can make use of the 2D video on the official website homepage of your business. This can include a brief outline of the service or product you offer and the reason you are better when compared to your competitors.

As the usual time, a visitor spends on a website can be as low as 10 seconds, this is a great way for catching their attention. 2D Animation video will lower the bounce rate and improve visitor engagements.

This will further improve the Google ranking of the website. This will also take your play rate to the next level. You can give people an opportunity of understanding the business in a much better way.

3. Email List:

If you have been able to manage to get some nice contact over some time and have a good email list, then this will be one of the best ways for promoting the 2D content. One can include a thumbnail for the 2D animation video in the email itself and then hyperlink it.

Make sure that you don't forget to add the 'video' word in the subject space. This can boost the open rate up to 20 percent and the click-through rate to 56 percent. Another good idea is adding it to the email signature for a specific period.

Final Thoughts:

One of the most famous kinds of explainer videos is 2D animation. It is now being used more than ever and one can look forward to it for use in advertisements, educational material, marketing and so much more. This is effective in enhancing brand visibility and can also help with increasing the company ROI.

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