How to Use Instagram Story Ads in 2022 to Grow Your Brand

Instagram is expected to have 1 billion users worldwide by 2021, making it one of the most popular social media platforms. Instagram is a photo- and video-sharing app that assists with internet advertising. Instagram is the best social media platform for establishing your brand's visual identity through photos and videos.

Apply Instagram Story Template Apps

Instagram story templates can be found on the web or in app stores and downloaded for free. Instagram's audience may become weary of a select few designs after repeated exposure.

You may also improve your Instagram Stories by selecting one of the many available templates. This makes it easy to rapidly access the templates you want to use within the app. You can now save and upload your revised Instagram story.

Work With Influencers to Create Instagram Stories

When appropriately executed, influencer partnerships yield tremendous returns. To gain an edge over the competition, consider having influencers create and promote story content for your company on their social media accounts.

Influencers can help promote your products by participating in contests and receiving freebies. Try this method to expand your audience and stimulate more discussion. To increase your product's credibility and domain authority, influencers may host Q&A sessions.

For a day, your influencer can take the reins of your account. This will help you build relationships with your audience, gain access to the influencer's audience, and stock your Stories with exciting content.

Including Hyperlinks to Your Site Can Boost Sales

Instagram's "Swipe Up" link feature on Stories has revolutionised how businesses convert social media users. The "Swipe Up" feature on Instagram Stories allows enterprises to add clickable links to the photos and videos they share. Because of this, they are navigating from Instagram to closing a deal is a breeze.

Posting a link to your Instagram stories is an excellent way for your business to generate sales when a user or potential customer is interested in purchasing your brand or services. Customers' time is saved since they are taken directly to the promotion page for the advertised product or service rather than having to conduct a general online search for your company.

Share Your Brand's Backstory

Combining visuals with text can help you tell your brand's story. Maintaining a consistent voice and message may give your brand identity.

If you're careful about your content on Instagram, potential customers can learn something about your company in the few seconds it takes them to scroll through your story. This helps you relate to your target demographic more personally and establish rapport with them.

Make Your Audience Smarter

Offering educational videos, suggestions, and expert comments can keep your present clientele interested and bring in new ones when shopping. If you routinely post applicable instructional content to your Instagram stories, you can attract a new audience or customers who still need to follow you.

You're providing valuable assistance to your target demographic by giving them access to data that will influence their decision to interact with your business. This also helps keep clients apprised of any specials or price reductions your brand may offer.


Running a few campaigns to see if Instagram Story advertisements are adequate for your audience is fine. Incorporating Instagram Story advertisements into your overall advertising strategy is a great way to boost your campaign's reach and, ultimately, your business's bottom line.

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