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Infographic Animation Services Bangalore

Infographic Animation Bangalore


Providing end-to-end animation services is our specialty. We at Telco design the entire video in a manner where we use simple graphics, designs, and symbols to communicate data. Based on your audience be it your customers, investors, prospective clients, employees, etc. we offer varied animation services for your communication needs be it a business infographic, corporate infographic, or animated infographic.

Telco has more than a decade of experience and expertise in creating creative infographic animation, our team is well-versed with tools and techniques for organizing facts, conducting research, and implementing the same in the project to provide the best output. We make sure we interpret your requirement data in the most visually appealing manner and turn deliver a visual treat to your customers, your prospects, and investors about ideas, concepts, and communications.

We are proficient in handling your business data, visualizing it, and presenting it most engagingly
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Industry expertise
  • Creative heads to turn your idea into a business
  • Consultation at regular intervals for great output
  • With us you always get more than what you would have expected

We have served different industries and our testimonials speak it all for us. Our happy clients are from manufacturing, communications, finance, education, software services, IT, and marketing from all over India.

Infographic videos are data visualized in a graphically appealing manner. These videos comprise vital information and data-driven elements and represent the same in a story form.

  • High retention time
  • It increases conversion rate
  • It has a direct impact on your business
  • Engaging and hooks your customers to the content
  • People love animation
  • They provide information quickly


We at Telco have an exceedingly experienced and sound multimedia team to develop a wonderful story out of a short and basic content line. We give added elements of movements, a soundtrack, background music, voice-overs, and special effects. We have simplified several complex messages most creatively by using highly energetic infographic images.

A video has your back always. Just ideate, plan, animate, explain and convert.

Storytelling about your brand via animated video is the easiest way to convince your customers, and customers are particularly drawn to infographic animations because its the most creative form of storytelling. These videos can range from 15 seconds to two minutes or a maximum of two and a half minutes.

We're always eager to help you create great content for your marketing and communication needs and we understand your customer behavior very well and the changing trends in the market, so here we are with our experts helping you present your data most innovatively.

Our approach

We are a highly experienced team of creative thinkers in Bangalore, India. Videos developed by us have become masterpieces and outstanding material to be used for your marketing and communication needs. We help you animate any infographic elements for your video to make it the most engaging material for your customers.

  • Understanding existing data and downloading of information kick off
  • Conceptualizing your ideas scripting
  • Developing a visual comprehensive format - storyboard
  • Working on making the elements in the script and storyboard go alive Animation and execution
  • Well there needs to be some additional flavor to the video, music, voice-over, special effects, colorful background, and props
  • Let's go live final delivery

Infographics are realistic visual representations of data, information or learning planned to present data rapidly and clearly. Any communication material used during your sales, marketing, and business development needs to retain and grab the attention of your customers and definitely, and this would be challenging for organizations. An Infographic animation is the best source of communication during these situations. They are highly engaging and hook your customers to your content till the end.

Infographic animations are a series of graphic elements and images that convey your message to your client in the most creative manner, they are concise and highly entertaining. What you need to achieve at the end of the day is to ensure your customers give the required time for your content or video and it leaves a long-lasting impression in a matter of few minutes.

Using the same old traditional form of lengthy textual presentation to convince your clients to persuade a decision making is no more effective, utilizing an infographic video for a minute or two is highly effective, exceptional, and attractive. Regardless of how lengthy your textual communication material is these videos take a short period and are crisp to the point to ensure the business message is communicated. These infographic videos represent a lot of facts, figures, and data that are visually in attractive form and easily digestible by the viewers or customers.

We as humans only retain visual representation better than any other form of material. But imagine if the content gets over-jammed? How would your customers process the overloaded information? How long could they retain their interest in the video? These are important questions to be addressed to make a difference and have a competitive edge among your competitors. Infographic videos create marketing magic and are the latest trends in marketing communication.

Also, videos are helpful for your online search engine ranking. They can be placed on different platforms be it your website, video platforms, or social media. They are highly impressive and provide real-time results. These videos assist your sales and marketing team to make a difference in your presentation.

These infographic videos are too lively and every single element within the video has life in it. The entire screen is highly engaging and creates curiosity among the people to know more about your product or service.

The videos created by us have proven great results in terms of search engine rankings, improving SEO, driving traffic to your website or any other platform, and increasing conversions as these videos are simplified in terms of messages.

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