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Marketing video Production Bangalore

Video Production Agency In Bangalore

Marketing video services bangalore

We understand your customers have a short span of time to consume content regarding your brand or to make a purchase decision. The marketing videos that we create are easy to digest and highly entertaining. Informing and educating your client about your product or service is no more about designing the pitch but providing exact answers to what they would be looking at to make a purchase.

Our expert group includes creative engineers, scripters, craftsmen and interactive media designers. We develop videos that are versatile and possess engaging content which includes real-time images, infographics, special effects or actual shoot.

Let us deliver your video production requirement
  • Creative ideas
  • Rich experience and exceptional team
  • Unique concepts
  • More than 50 videos delivered

The videos created by us are highly competitive, personal and persuade prospects to customers and give you the edge to stand out from your competitors. The very idea of marketing video is an excellent marketing tool and decision for your business.

We ensure to produce a high-quality marketing video that helps our customers brand themselves and provide a sales pitch for your business. We have a list of industries that we have served which includes real estate, manufacturing, IT, software, communication, government organizations, automobile and consulting. With our clients spread across Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad and Pune.

Whatever may be your objective or target audience we create videos based on your requirement. The videos can be for your investors, customers, prospects, sales and marketing team or corporate communications. Videos developed by us establish a personal connection with your audience or target market.

Marketing Video Production Services

Imagine a presentation tool that lets your marketing and sales team finish their work in few minutes to make an impact of your brand on your customers and transform prospects to customers, and that is what we deliver to you. You get the most effective marketing presentation video for your business from our team of experts.

�Video can make all the difference and can lead to massive revenue"

Marketing videos have proven to demand more customer attention than any other presentation mechanism or tool. Stronger the emotional connections better the results for a business and sales pitch.

Reasons to get your marketing video today
  • Marketing videos boost conversions and sales
  • They provide a great rate of return
  • They build a high amount of trust among your customers
  • They explain everything in a few minutes which would ideally take you a few hours
  • They engage and catch customer attention

Your sales and marketing team sometimes face an issue to explain your product and service to your customers. There are only a few minutes for you to make the first impression with your clients about your brand. Long conversations and material explaining about your product or service will not make the difference for the customers to make the purchase. What makes the difference is how you're presenting yourself differently from your competitors.

A marketing video adoption continues to rise and make a difference in your presentation and sales pitch. Brands need a marketing video as one of their marketing strategies. A marketing video has absolutely dominated the presentation of your product and service offering. According to statics, 63% of the marketers have started using marketing videos to present about their business offerings as it is progressing rapidly.

Undoubtedly marketing video has become the latest trends in your promotion toolbox. You might be still wondering if the marketing videos make a difference in the sales, the answer to this is yes it makes a huge amount of difference in conversions. Marketing videos help build trust in the organization and trust is the basis for making the best business and ROI. Marketers need to stop selling and put in efforts to make sure clients come to you in search for your business offerings. Videos do it all.

Marketing videos ignite the emotions and engage your clients to listen to you about your product and service offering and ask you more about it. The amount of time you take to explain about your product can be maximum 30 minutes, but the same a marketing video can do in 2 minutes at the maximum. Now that is a huge amount of difference. What is communicated about the product is mostly orally and only the audio and customers have a very short listening span, whereas a marketing video contains various elements like audio, video, movement, music and special effects. Now you understand what would be the most engaging way to keep your customers attentive.

Our Approach in creating a spectacular marketing / Promotional videos

Storytelling about your brand, product or service is important but how you do it is what matters the most. The cocktail of various components in the video makes it possible to realistic wonders and at a minimal cost. A marketing video creates curiosity for the clients to know more about your brand and increases the interest to ask more questions about you.

Marketing videos are highly cost-effective and a great investment to make. Having a marketing video for your business makes it even more creative and helps you understand knowledge of human psychology.

Marketing videos are the ones that help the viewer�s understand your brand. The videos created by Telco can be utilized for various promotions like sites, online networking, and control point presentation and so on. These videos can mark advance their product and service as a substance promoting methodology.

We make enchantment in each edge that appears to viewers and makes engagement and emotional interface with the brand. Once this idea strikes you we are here to help that will be effortless engagement in presenting yourself as an organization and the associated products and services.

Our Methodology
  • Download of the content and raw materials � Brainstorming and kick off
  • Making the video highly presentable � Planning and stargazing the content and elements to be used
  • Storytelling and the flow � Scripting
  • What we would present in the video and audio � Storyboard
  • Implementing the plan, strategy, script, and storyboard � Execution and Development
  • Final delivery

The videos we create for your marketing can be live, infographic, animation or explainer based.

We at Telco are the best marketing video company who create excellent output and the outcome.

�The new era demands ignition to make a decision and not just content about your business�



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