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The goal is not only to rank first but to also generate leads

We understand you are looking to rank yourself on the first page and the first link of internet search results be it on Google, Yahoo or Bing. We help you optimize your website and improve your rankings in all search engine results.

Our team of experts includes developers, search engine experts, content writers, and designers. Our approach is to understand your business, customers, market trends, and competitors to position your online presence in the top 5 organic results with unlimited keywords in an agreed time.

We ensure you get the right customer and a good ROI. We bring in all our expertise that includes our real-world experience, technical expertise, and an independent perspective to support our clients to find the best solutions for their businesses

Reasons to work with us
  • Innumerable industry expertise
  • Result-driven approach to grow your brand online and search results
  • Continuous support and consulting throughout the project execution
  • We advance our clients tactical goals and efficiency by helping them implement the best solutions matching their business

As one of the leading SEO service providers in India, our search engine optimizers bring enormous experience and industry knowledge in designing a strategy that completely transforms your online presence and improves your online ranking. We have served industries that include manufacturing, hospitals, software, consulting, hospitality, E-commerce, startups, automobile, etc.

Work with us to improve your organic search engine ranking
  • We help you increase the visibility of your website
  • Increases organic traffic to your site
  • Best SEO practices for results, leads, and conversions
  • Cost-effective ROI marketing effort
  • Reach the right online target audience with minimum efforts


We ensure our Search Engine Optimization services are quantifiable, dependable and result oriented to meet your expectations. We provide you with the right strategic planning, flawless execution, detailed analysis, and transparent workflow. We make sure you have chosen the right SEO service company for attaining reliable search engine optimization results.

For people to discover you online, we make sure you have the right content to lead them there

Search engine optimization is highly cost-effective when compared to any other marketing mechanisms or channel. Keeping up with online trends and providing the right content to your customers is the key.

Having worked with clients in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmadabad, and Pune we ensure to take complete responsibility for your online presence, branding, and promotion on different search engine platforms.

We see today's ever-growing and aggressive market and SEO is more vital than at any time. We guarantee our customers have a site, blog, or online store and SEO that can help your business develop and meet the overall targets. Sometimes SEO isn't all about being in front of a global audience. Sometimes its about reaching your immediate neighborhood. We use local SEO techniques to help you reach those customers just outside your door.


Offering an array of search engine optimization services that include:
  • SEO audit
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer online behavior
  • SEO Strategy, planning and implementation
  • Analytics and implementations

SEO has two great pillars that it is built on, On-page optimization and off-page optimization:

On-page optimization refers to all the factors that need to be taken care on the website be it your content which includes images and videos, your hidden content with meta title, meta description, and your header tags, the robots who are invisible to the humans, site structure, URL format, etc.

Off-page optimization refers to building your internal and external links, content submissions, and bookmarkings.

Search engine services to help your business goals

It is observed that 75% of the users do not scroll past the search result beyond the first page. Being a leading SEO company in Bangalore, we offer ethical and white hat techniques for our SEO services.

Internet users currently are more than 450 million people who are continuously searching for information, trying to make a query on the products or services and your ranking on the top of Google search results helps you have a potential customer. Almost all are on the internet today irrespective of their age group or any demographic factors. Having a handful of information online and then making a decision is the recent trend for customers or potential buyers.

The internet marketing world is ever-changing, but the importance of SEO in marketing strategy is unchallenged. Its often assumed that search engine optimization is all about how you appear and how you are to be seen on the online platform and search engines. But what about the competitors in the market?? They are equally competing out there to rank themselves in the search results. You need to stay ahead in the market and ensure your visibility in the search engines is continuous.

We at Telco help your organization achieve higher rankings, website traffic, and customer base across the world and maximize your revenue.

No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is SEO.

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